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Daily use of essential Oils

While essential oils can (and should) be used for occasional health issues, perhaps their most useful application is for maintaining optimal health on a daily basis. Think of oils as you would a dietary supplement; when you use supplements, you are giving your body the nutrients it needs to function properly. While there are differences from person to person in usage preference, it is generally accepted that using oils consistently is a key to getting your desired results.

Dr. David K. Hill states, “Using a variety of essential oils on a regular basis could be more significant than focusing on oil selection or specific application methods. Routine and deliberate application of essential oils can often increase and even sustain health benefits.”

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Mood Management

Mental health might be the most difficult parameter of health to measure. While hours spent at the gym might result in your clothes fitting more comfortably, the benefits of being mentally healthy are sometimes slightly less obvious. Mental health is a broad category of health that includes the emotional, psychological, and social aspects of consciousness. A healthy mind emotionally and psychologically is better equipped to handle the uncertainties and stressors that arise in personal and professional life. From dealing with trauma to developing and maintaining relationships, having a healthy understanding of our emotions and mindset dramatically affects our ability to pursue opportunity and make decisions. While our mental health can be pre-dispositioned according to genetics and early life experiences, healthy lifestyle factors can dramatically support mental and emotional development. Read the articles below to discover new perspectives about how to achieve, maintain, and better understand genuine mental well-being.

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Sleep management

Have you experienced a restless night where your doTERRA oils seemed to work better than your sleep-aid? Inhaling essential oils with chemicals that hold relaxing, calming, or soothing benefits can induce a response within the body for relaxation. This internal response can encourage a restful night of sleep. 

As a result of that restful night of sleep, the aroma creates a positive association within the brain. Positive associations promote the use of this particular oil as part of a healthy sleeping routine. It’s the reason the fragrance of lavender is so calming every time you smell it.